Moving sucks, part 2: Packing

Posted in Random thoughts at 9:50 pm by ducky

Packing is a pain. It is time consuming to fill the boxes, but even more time-consuming to pack them well. You really would like things that are used together to get packed together. Unfortunately, you also must put things together such that they fit in boxes well. This is why my long T-square ended up in the same box as my long dresses.We have the additional constraints that

  • It is not a local move. We couldn’t just deal with the odd-shaped things by a few more trips in the car, perhaps with someone holding it on their lap.
  • We are only planning on being in the dorm for a year, so we will want a bunch of stuff in a year. This meant we couldn’t just torch it all.
  • We don’t know how much stuff will fit into our dorm room. This means that we will need to be able to decide that we really do want the table runners, or perhaps the framed print of Nu descendant un escalier. That means we have to be able to locate the table runners and the framed print. That meant that we really did want to take extra time to inventory each box as we packed it.

Finally, there is the issue of just not seeing things that you need to pack. For example, after the crew finished loading up the truck, I went back inside, wiped my feet on the small klim right inside the door, looked down, and cursed. That rug was “just a part of the furniture” and so I didn’t see it.


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