Eclipse robobait: control-shift-u

Posted in Eclipse, robobait at 4:27 pm by ducky

One of my user study subjects pulled out a keyboard shortcut that I had never seen before: control-shift-u.

I didn’t get to talk to him about it much, but it pops up a menu with Identifier, Implementing Methods, and Throwing Exception options.

The Identifier seems to find occurrences of that Java element in this file. I guess you could do almost the same thing if you do a FileSearch for a element’s name in one particular file, but that would be a lot more work.

For the Implementing Methods selection, it appears to tell you which methods in this file override/implement methods in the type you had selected. (Note that the type needs to be something right after the keywords “extends” or “implements”. If not, you will get an error message “Cannot search for current selection. Please select a type behind ‘implements’ or ‘extends’.”

You can select an exception (e.g. IOException), press control-shift-u, and select Throwing Exception in order to see which lines of source cause that exception to be thrown.  Maybe you knew that read() threw an IOException, but if you didn’t realize that skip() also throws an IOException; this would show you not just that skip() was what was throwing the exception, but the exact line where it was doing so.

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