Welcome to Canada, please stay

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Canada made a change yesterday to the International Student Post-Graduation Work Permit. From about two years ago to yesterday, there was a program in place where if you

  • graduated from a Canadian college or university
  • had a job offer
  • applied for a permit

then you could get a work permit for a year at the company you had the offer from. The company would not have to go through a process of proving that there were no Canadians who could do the job. (If you and said company parted ways, you could change the permit.)

One catch of the program was that while you were not working, you couldn’t leave the country without forfeiting the right to that permit. You were legally allowed to be in the country and look for work. (You just couldn’t leave.)

For many people, not being able to leave might not be a hardship, but I have lots of family two hours south of UBC. If something happened to my mother, I would need to leave Canada. So I figured I had to have a job before I graduated, and looking for work while trying to finish my thesis was a pain.

Now, the requirement for a job offer has been dropped, and the period has been extended. I have get the right to live and work in Canada for three years or as long as my program of study was, whichever is smaller. (This probably means two years.) Not only that, it is a totally open work permit. I can work for anyone, and I can even not work for an employer (i.e. I could consult if I can’t find a Real Job).

This relieves the stress of looking for a job enormously!

really strange phishing

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I got email from a “Carlie Martindaley” today that sure looks like phishing:

Ducky <at> webfoot.com,   (the email address was properly formatted in the message I got)

Hello Ducky,

I am from your Middle School years and finally got your email.

I have fallen in love with your shoes and I just wanted to know, did you spray paint them? They are so shiny, like fresh glass on a mirror, I cannot resist sending this email. Please tell your shoes, I love them, and thier laces are the most beautiful things.



  1. Starting off with my email address before my name looks fishy, like a computer generated it.
  2. I don’t know any Carlie.
  3. I don’t know any Martindaley.
  4. I didn’t go to Middle School.
  5. I haven’t painted any shoes.
  6. I haven’t sent any old pals email.

The strange thing is that there was no call to action in the message!  The only links were a mailto URL attached to my email address (I took it out for the purposes of this post) and a generic Yahoo ad at the bottom of the page.

Strange.  Maybe the spambots have gotten lonely?


Eclipse robobait: incremental find

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Eclipse has incremental find!

Control-J will let you start typing to find the next occurrence of what you’re looking for; Shift-Control-J will do incremental find backwards.  See Erik’s nice writeup on incremental find


help? tab spam in different IDEs?

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There are a zillion graphical IDEs out there, and I really don’t want to download and try each one. I don’t even want to try twenty of them. So, dear readers, care to help me?

All the IDEs that I’ve seen have a main center panel with the source of the file you’re looking at. Above that, they seem to all have a row of tabs, one per file that you’ve opened. (Does anybody have anything different?)

Here is a link to a screenshot of Eclipse. (Sorry, it was too wide for my blog.) Eclipse puts a little “>>” to show that there are more files (as pointed to by the ugly black arrow), with the number of hidden tabs next to it (“4” in this case). Clicking on the “>>4” gives a drop-down menu (shown here in yellow).

What happens in other IDEs when you have more tabs than will fit across the horizontal width of the source file? How does your IDE handle it? Or does your IDE have a different tabbing model altogether, e.g. it opens one window per file?  I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

You can either email me ducky at webfoot dot com or post in the comments; I’ll wait a few days and then summarize in another blog posting.  Remember to tell me the name of your IDE.