Who is palling around with un-Americans?

Posted in Politics at 10:08 am by ducky

So.  Sarah Palin is accusing Obama of (basically) being un-American because he “palled around” with “a terrorist”.

Um.  She’s referring to William Ayers, who was part of a violent activist group which targeted buildings and not people.  That’s not really what I call terrorism, but okay, fine.  It was also a long time ago — in the 1970s — and Obama isn’t exactly pals.  They worked together very briefly.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin married someone who belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party — a separatist group — as recently as 2002.   Um, isn’t seceeding from the US kind of sort of a little bit anti-American?  And isn’t marrying someone rather a bit more intimate than working on a foundation board together??

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