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Today, as I walked to class, the rain turned to white stuff. I thought it was snow, but it was actually very small hail.

It was really miserable today — cold, wet, clammy, more cold, more wet, more clammy. The rooms I had my classes in were dry but cold, and my jeans took a long time to dry out as well. All day it rained, and pretty hard, too.

It reminded me a bit of Illinois, where I grew up and got my first two academic degrees. In late February, we’d have a streak of really nice weather, and everybody would start to get giddy at finally being done with winter. Then, after everybody took their winter clothes home over Spring Break, just as the daffodils would start to bloom, we’d get another snowfall. Everybody would get really depressed at the seemingly interminable winter.

This happened regularly enough over enough years that even as dense as I am, I learned that it always snows exactly once after Spring Break. So in late February, when everybody else would be dancing about, I’d still be casting suspicious gazes at the sky. I didn’t trust Mother Nature to keep up the good weather.

Sure enough, the week after Spring Break, it would snow.

While everybody else would be morose about the return of bad weather, I by contrast would be greatly relieved. Finally! The last snow! I could relax and look forward to the oncoming beautiful weather.

So today, even as I looked at the white precipitation in the palm of my glove, I was happy. I don’t know the Vancouver weather patterns, but I convinced myself that this was the “one last snow after Spring Break.”

I was relieved.

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