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Hmmm, I never remembered to post this. Pretend that it was dated in March of this year.

Given that my beloved husband’s favorite father died of a heart attach at 58, I would feel more comfortable if he lost a bit of weight. Thus when we were deciding where to live at UBC, I lobbied for a dorm near the nude beach. I thought that nublie naked beauties luring him up and down the 367 stairs three times per day might improve his longevity and hence my chances for companionship into a ripe old age.

Unfortunately, the prospect of nublie naked beauties didn’t appeal enough to him to influence his decision, so we went to the farther dorm. While I like the dorm we chose, I was a bit disappointed that he wouldn’t be going up and down 367 steps three times per day.

Well, my husband did take up jogging. He runs about three times a week, frequently with a subset of the 25 year-old women at our dorm.

Earlier this week, when it was a bit below freezing, nobody else showed up at 7:30 to run with him, so he decided to take a slightly different run.

When he returned, he announced that a morning at 7:30 AM, in March, when the temperature was below freezing, was not actually the best time to go up and down the 367 steps in order to catch a glimpse of beautiful naked college students.


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