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This morning I had a actual, genuine, real, honest-to-goodness I-forgot-to-take-an-exam nightmare — and I’m not even taking any classes this term.

My father said that he knew he was a grownup when he had a nightmare that he forgot to give an exam; I knew that I was a grownup when I had a dream that I had forgotten an exam and, even in the dream, was completely not concerned about it. I believe that was my first exam dream; today’s was definitely the only one since.

In this morning’s dream, a whole cavalcade of things were causing anxiety: not only had I forgotten to take my Econ class (in reality, I haven’t had an Econ class in my life), I had lost my wedding ring, and I needed to pee and fell in the toilet! (I’d also forgotten to start my History of Marriage term paper, but I wasn’t very concerned about that even in the dream because I could write that paper in my sleep, so to speak.)

My husband says that he gets nightmares when he gets too warm — that it’s the brain’s way of making you take off a blanket — but I wasn’t overly warm. I needed to pee, but it wasn’t urgent. It was 9:45 AM: Jim had gotten up at 6:30 AM to go flying, which messed up my sleep cycle and he turned off the alarm clock.

I think the dream was just my brain’s way of making me get my indolent posterior out of bed.

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