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I’ve recently been working on showing histograms using the Prefuse framework. I released five files today to help with that:

  • BarRenderer.java — renders x,y coordinates as a bar that goes from x,0 to x,y
  • HistogramTable.java — a Decorator that takes a Prefuse Table object and creates another Table (as a subclass) that has two columns for every column of the source: one column to define the range of a bin and one that says how many objects are in that range.
  • HistogramGraph.java — a JComponent subclass which displays a graph for a bin/count pair of a HistogramTable.
  • HistogramFrame.java — a JFrame subclass which lets you switch between all the data columns in a histogram and also lets you reset the bin count on the fly.
  • HistogramTableTest.java — JUnit4 tests for HistogramTable.

Known bugs:

  • There is a bug somewhere that manifests itself in HistogramGraph. If you select “Species Name” and then “Petal Width”, the first two x-axis labels are species names instead of numbers. I’ve looked at this enough to decide that it is quite possibly a Prefuse bug, and that it was not worth my time to try to fix it.
  • I only recognize two types of column, numeric and string. I don’t distinguish between ints, floats, and doubles. Everything else is a string.
  • I haven’t tested with boolean columns. I suspect that it will treat them as strings, and so it might just happen to do the right thing.
  • I haven’t tested with derived columns. It might accidentally work, but I don’t know.

I encourage people to give me feedback on these. While I’ve done a lot of coding, I am relatively new to Java, so am quite willing to believe that I did something in a suboptimal way.

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I’m also going to put “robobait” at the beginning of posting titles for robobait postings.

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