semi-robobait: way cool Eclipse keyboard shortcuts

Posted in Eclipse, Hacking, programmer productivity, robobait at 12:07 pm by ducky

I found two really cool Eclipse keyboard shortcuts today.

  • Quick Access (Control-3): This brings up a dialog box. Start typing, and it will present a selection list of windows whose title contains the text you just typed. Thus, if you type “expl”, it will present “Package Explorer”, “CVS Package Explorer”, “Project Explorer”, and so on. You can also type the names of the files that you have open, e.g. “foo” to get “Foo.java” as a selection option. (It does not take you to method names or classes, just window names.) Way cool. I think I’m never touching the mouse again. Ever.
  • Word Completion (Alt-/), aka “hippy completion”: When you are editingcode, you can type a few letters, then Alt-/, and Eclipse will fill in the rest of the word with a guess as to what you meant. For example, if I type “Fo”+Alt-/, it might present “FooFactory” first, then “FooTemplate”, then “ForeignFilmDatabase”, etc. When it reaches imagination failure, goes back to the first one. It is case-aware, so it would not present “for” or “format” or “foo”. It seems to be pretty clever about its guesses, too.


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