divergent reactions

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I blogged about divisions over the proper reaction to a programming contest entry; recently something similar happened at UBC. In this case, however, it was a group of resource management people.

At the relatively new Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory, they obtained the skeleton of an orca, which they hung suspended from the ceiling of the atrium. This was kind of a big deal — orca skeletons are a bit rare — so they threw a party to note its installation.

Well, before the party, someone somehow managed to put a stuffed seal into its mouth! The building’s denizens were deeply divided by this.

About a third of the people thought that it was disrespectful to put the seal in its mouth.

About a third of the people thought that it was really funny.

The remaining third looked up and said, “But, but…. that’s a Ringed seal, and orcas don’t eat Ringed seals!”

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