Eclipse robobait: control-O control-O

Posted in Eclipse, robobait at 2:34 pm by ducky

I’ve got two cool tricks for you today.  Control-O opens up a “quick” view of the Outline View.  Instead of looking in a separate pane, you can do it right inline.  Furthermore, it has incremental search built in, so you can type a few letters to find methods that start with those letters.  If you type in the normal Outline View, it will find the first method that starts with those letters but will continue to show you all the methods.

In the Quick Outline View, it will show only the methods that start with what you typed, so if you type “set”, the quick outline view will only show you setFoo(), setBar(), etc.

But wait, it gets cooler: you can use wildcards in the Quick Outline View and you can’t in the Outline View.  For example, in the Quick Outline View, you can type “*Foo” to find getFoo(), setFoo(), etc.

But wait!  It gets even cooler!  If you have the Quick Outline View up and type control-O again,  then it will show you the inherited methods as well as the ones in this class.  Totally sweet.


  1. joedraft said,

    March 20, 2008 at 8:00 am

    I love your Census maps and was wonder if if can I download them to a local PC instead of always referring to the links?

  2. ducky said,

    March 20, 2008 at 9:44 am

    Joe —

    I’m glad you like them!

    The maps, unfortunately, are not stand-alone. They require resources from Google in order to work.

    I suppose that I could work on making a framework such that you could run the maps while disconnected from the Internet, but then you’d have to download all the data as well — which is a pretty massive amount. Right now, you only get data as you request it, which makes it much more manageable for your computer.


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