Throwing Blagojevich out

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:59 am by ducky

Am I the only person who is concerned that justice is moving too hastily on Blagojevich?  He stands accused of some pretty appalling stuff, but the key word is accused.  I realize that many civil liberties have been badly compromised in the past eight years, but I thought that the US still (mostly) believed in “innocent until proven guilty” for its citizens.  To throw him out of office before a trial would be unfair.

There is also some speculation that he didn’t do anything illegal.  He sure looks like a stupid, arrogant slimebucket, but that isn’t illegal.  He wanted to use the appointment to his advantage, sure, but there is lots of influence-trading that doesn’t get prosecuted, e.g. people donating to a candidate being rewarded with ambassadorships.  (It is always less shocking to discover how much illegal activity goes on, than how much is perfectly legal.)

It is important for civil liberties to ensure that the government not be allowed to deny anyone — even people we don’t like — fair, equitable process under the law, including the presumption of legal innocence.

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